Express Sale Program (ESP)

BBDG Express Sales Team is an alternative real estate service that facilitates sales between distressed homeowners and successful real estate investors, proven to assist out-of-state owners, distressed owners, and retiring investors, sell their property as quickly as possible with the least amount of costs or hassle incurred by the owner by tapping into the shadow market of investor buyers who can close quickly, with all CASH, and pay for most if not all of the closing costs. Get your 48-Hour Offer Now.

Private Money Network (PMN)

Our Private Lender Network is an alternative investment strategy for friends, family, people in our network with access to capital, and accredited investors to put their money in a sound investment strategy and secure it with Real Estate. We prescreen our Lenders just as we do our Investor Buyers to ensure that we are able to meet expectations and provide excellent customer service. We do not constrict our lenders to the traditional loan options of just “Fix & Flip Loans,” “Rental Loans,” or “Rehab Loans,” we also allow them to assist Investor Buyers via startup capital as well as bridge funding on creative financed offers where lower capital is needed to get into deals. Learn more about the Private Money Network here.

Investor Buyer Network (IBN)

Our Investor Buyer Network is the catalysts to our Express Sale Program. Without this network of pre-screened professional Real Estate Investors, we would not be able to turn distressed homeowners into happy clients. This shadow network of buyers consists of fix & flip investors, investors looking to add to their rental portfolio, and investors who perform both at high levels. By being a part of our exclusive network of buyers you’ll get 7-day priority access to all of our new properties added to our Express Sale Catalog before we begin marketing them to external sources. Join the IBN today.

Allied Resource Network (ARN)

Our Allied Resource Network is the engine of our Express Sale Program. This network is made up of the real estate professionals who are also usually behind the scenes assisting to get a successfully ratified contract to a successful settlement while striving to make both the homeowner and investor buyer happy throughout the process. This group consists of but is not limited to, Title Companies, Real Estate Attorneys, Inspection Companies, Short Sale Negotiation Companies, Staging Companies, etc. To apply for our Allied Resource Network click here.

Wholesaler Partnership Program (WPP)

Our Wholesaler Partnership Program is the motor that spins all the other gears. Without our army of trained acquisition specialists out there introducing themselves to sellers and helping discover their issues, problems, circumstances, and coming up with creative or direct solutions to resolve them, Baltimore Business Development Group will continue to grow one satisfied client at a time. Oftentimes any interested homeowners in selling their property via our Express Sale program or Loan Rescue Program will speak directly to one of our trained Acquisition Specialists from our Wholesaler Partnership program. To learn more about becoming a part of our wholesalers’ partnership program click here.

Loan Rescue Program (LRP)

BBDG Loan Rescue team facilitates sales between homeowners who are either a) under water on the value / debt against their house or b) behind on payments and heading into foreclosure. Both of these situations may not necessarily mandate an issue with the house, although in most cases from our experience these properties are also in poor condition… The real issue that homeowners are facing in this situation is a problem with their loan. Either you can no longer afford your payments and need to sell or work something out with your lender so you can afford to keep your home. Other times, the loan amount currently remaining on the house is above what the house is worth. This is called “being underwater,” and again, is an issue with the loan, not you or the house. Let our team assist you in saving yourself from these loan mishaps. To learn more about your loan rescue options click here.

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